I have a job!

It appears as though my mini-retirement is drawing to a close. Last week, I accepted a job offer. And I withdrew my candidacy from another, which was a bit tortuous. Kind of funny how this job-searching thing panned out.

The job I took is just a bit outside my comfort zone, applying things I’ve learned in the past to a similar-yet-different kind of role. But, I think I will really enjoy the change, and it should be “easy” for me to perform well and even excel, especially when compared to the crazy corporate role I had until nine months ago.

I applied for another role and, thanks to LinkedIn, learned the company had somewhat recently hired a former beloved work colleague. I sent him an email, and we set up a phone call, during which he asked what other kinds of opportunities I’d been applying to. I told him about the very interesting job prospect that just didn’t give me the warm and fuzzies in the interview. Besides, the commute was way too long, the technology was a bit of a stretch yet still a challenge…and you know what he said?

“I have a role in my group that’s very very similar to that!”

So, I went in and met with Them (not him). I liked Them. They seemed to like me. And yet, when They were describing the role, it was a little too different – lots of things that I could do, but didn’t want to do. It was a direction in which my career could’ve headed, but it wasn’t where I wanted to go.

Goodbye, bigger paycheck. Goodbye, pre-public corporate equity.

I am excited about my new role. And excited about being back in an office after working remotely for the last five years. And VERY excited to have a few more weeks of “retirement” to shop for new work clothes!

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