What I did on my summer vacation? Spent money, of course.

Oh. my. summer. How glorious you’ve been! But now, it’s time to get back to the business of watching those expenses a bit more closely since I’m retired unemployed. Don’t get me wrong…I don’t regret spending a single penny this summer, because it was all saved for in advance. But now, time to start minding the money again and getting serious about that job search.

What did I spend it on?

  • My daughter’s high school graduation in June meant the family came to visit, so grocery expenses increased dramatically. Also, we took the immediate family out for a nice brunch one morning. No big graduation gifts for my daughter this month, though. We had contributed toward a class trip to Mexico back in the winter, with the understanding that this was her gift, and there would be no big party. She was cool with that, as long as it meant she could frolic on the beach immerse herself in the language and culture with her friends for a week.
  • In late June, we traveled to another state for one night for her college orientation. While this involved a few meals and one night’s hotel stay, it also involved the purchase of some university swag at the campus bookstore.
  • In July, we took a very expensive vacation for which we have been planning and saving for years…a 16-day trip to China, traveling to five different cities. In the end, we came home with money left in our vacation fund, just not as much as I had hoped. We had paid for the tour before leaving, but we still had to cover one meal a day, tips to our guides and drivers, a few evening entertainment events (shows, cruises), and some official fees. And the souvenirs. I didn’t really need more pearls or jade, but when tempted, I succumbed.
  • In August, the girls were finally able to enjoy their holiday gift from us…tickets to see Hamilton in NYC! No, I did not pay crazy scalper prices, and yes, we sat in the nosebleed section, and the tickets were all saved and paid for in advance (as is everything in my life), but hotel, bus fare, dining, etc. all adds up in The Greatest City in the World!
  • In August, we wrapped up back-to-school shopping. For my younger daughter, that meant some desperately-needed new clothes. She hates to shop, but it’s easy for me to find things on the clearance rack that I’m pretty sure she’ll like. The older daughter need an insane amount of “stuff” as a freshman with a dorm room to decorate. And tuition. Yes, the tuition. “Affordable” as it is (if you can call anything that costs you $22k/year “affordable”), it still took away a little sliver of my net worth, and it will for another SEVEN semesters. And then there was the pricey laptop, art supplies, and digital tools subscriptions needed for a graphic designer wannabe.

How about you? How did your summer budget fare?

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