Halloween Math

“Yay!  This is the house with the full-sized candy bars!”

In our neighborhood, we average about 30 or 40 trick-or-treaters each year. It used to be more like 70, but alas, so many of the kids have grown and moved on to college or their own places. However, I still prepare for 70 kids each year.

And yes, they each get to pick one full-sized candy bar. Because the math supports it.

When I was buying fun-sized candy bars…wait, who named these itty bitty tiny things fun-sized, anyway? They’re too small to be “fun!” But back to the math. I found that I was allowing each kid to take two or three small treats. Therefore, I was purchasing eight or nine bags of candy, and with each bag at $4 or $5, well, I was into nearly $40.

One year, the local grocery store offered boxes of 18 full-sized candy bars for $10, so I bought 72 bars for $40. And this year, Costco (remember that new Visa?!) had boxes of 36 bars for $18. FIFTY CENTS per serving! I know what you’re thinking. “You’re still spending $40 each year on candy. It doesn’t matter!”

Tell that to the kids with the big smiles on their faces when they see those full-sized bars. I make it worth the effort to hike back my 300-foot driveway. Plus, I’m now a neighborhood legend, as we are the ONLY house out of 30 or so in our development that gives out full-sized bars. And I hope I’m buying some goodwill when they all become teens and want to smash in mailboxes on Halloween instead of trick-or-treating.

Yes, I still buy enough candy for 70 kids. We won’t mention the effect on my cholesterol or weight, okay?

One thought on “Halloween Math

  1. That’s awesome! I wish our neighborhood was more consistent. Actually, this year was the anomaly looking at the past four. Last year, I went through over 15 bags of chocolate and a jumbo bag of Skittles and Starburst. This year, I think we used four bags of chocolates. I used to extreme coupon (really ineffectively at times), and I use those skills around Halloween time. I got bags of chocolate for $2 each. I could have done better, but I refuse to buy newspapers again. I really appreciate your point about running the numbers. Sometimes what seems to be the obvious choice isn’t always the best!

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