Why do you buy something…

…if you have no use for it? I admit to being guilty of this with clothing. Sometimes, I find an item on the clearance rack that is just too good of a deal to be true. You know, it’s like 90% off the original price, and well, I simply must grab this item that I didn’t even know I wanted just because. That’s right. Forget about whether or not I actually NEED the item. Sometimes I’m not convinced I really even WANT the item. But, it represents such a great value that I simply must have it.

Yes, I have turned shopping into a sport. With a score. And I like to win.

A really good example of this are my all wool plaid dress pants from the LL Bean Signature line. There I was, at the outlet, not really needing a single new item in my wardrobe, since I work from home. But I spied them and thought, “Oooo…aren’t these awesome!” Eye-catching, they are. In an almost-obnoxious earth and mustard yellow plaid. They were originally something like $200. Marked down to about $20. Then, I had to pay someone to hem them for another $20. Forty dollars spent, and I DON’T EVEN HAVE A SWEATER TO MATCH THE PANTS! So, I haven’t worn them yet.

The sad part is that I doubt anyone else will admire the mustard pants as much as I do. In fact, I think most will laugh at them. I think I only admire the pants because they represent a “win” for me. That’s right…I BEAT those high prices again!!!! <insert evil laugh>

I follow a community yard sale site on Facebook. I have found one great deal there…a bike, exactly like the one my daughter sat on in a bike shop a few weeks earlier. The bike shop cost was $225, and she wasn’t quite ready for the bike.  he online yard sale price was $75 for a exact same bike, but in purple. Win!

I am intrigued by the things some people sell and what they charge for it. Just now, I saw an advertisement for a pair of Beats headphones, still in the packaging for $240. The description says, “Bought a few months ago, but I have no use for them.” Why would you spend $240 for something you have no use for? Did you think you would have a use? Did you get them home and regret the purchase and were too lazy to return them?

But then I think of my mustard plaid pants.  What are you guilty of buying but not using?

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