Do you spend differently?

Do you feel overwhelmed by your stuff? Perhaps you have too many clothes in your closet that never make their way into public viewing. Perhaps your children have toys that remain unopened and unplayed-with months (or years) after a birthday or holiday. And I think many of us will confess to holding onto things far beyond their usefulness. The first example that comes to mind for me is the summer when, in one of my famous Martha Stewart Moments, I decided I should learn to preserve food. I invested in a lot of canning equipment, cookbooks, and jars. Sadly, I only ever made one batch each of strawberry and peach jam, and one batch of pickles.

Yet, I can’t seem to part with the equipment…I mean, what if the urge for homemade stewed tomatoes overtakes me some day?

Anyway, in this new trend of purging or downsizing (have you heard of tiny houses?), many are choosing to forgo buying things and buying experiences or memories instead. For my family, that means my girls have been getting theater or concert tickets instead of more “stuff” they really don’t need.

Here’s an interesting article about this trend. How about you? Is this a noticeable trend in your family?

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